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‘Bio-Inspire’ at the Knowsley Estate

“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.”
Frank Lloyd Wright.

In addition to offering a thrilling leisure experience and a beguiling tropical house environment, Bio-Inspire will pivot around a central concept of “bio-inspiration” or “bio-mimicry”.  In association with the University of Liverpool, it will provide a number of key scientific, socio-economic and educational public goods well beyond those one might traditionally most associate with a zoological institution.

Bio-Inspire will be themed on human products inspired by animals and plants, and act as a public facing ‘shop window’ for the University’s research and training across science, social science and humanities areas linked to bio-inspiration. Bio-Inspire will also look to spin out the University’s innovation and incubation identity into the wider public realm, and to attract new business into the region, developing a natural science commercial cluster.

Knowsley Safari Bio-Inspiration Centre

An exciting new attraction where science, art and technology meets zoo

We are in early stages of exploring whether the Bio-Inspire brand might have a wider role in the region as a public badge for all that bio-science (including medicine), environmental technology and related areas can mean to the prosperity of our home, the Liverpool City Region.

Straddling culture and technology, Bio-Inspire will unlock Knowsley’s archive of art and artefact, whilst capitalising on the site’s proud zoological tradition. Bio-inspired visual art, poetry and drama will be balanced by prosperity generating technology using bio-inspired solutions in areas such as light, locomotion, vision, camouflage and medicine.


Knowsley Safari site plan

Bio-Inspire will be housed within an equally bio-inspired physical structure featuring green technologies and deriving architectural sustainability principles from nature. Flora and fauna within Bio-Inspire  may well be selected to reflect a bio-inspired relationship in wildlife heritage with the rising overseas economy of Brazil.  In establishing such footprint for Brazilian patrimony in the heart of England’s North West, Bio-Inspire will support  the UK’s commercial, political, scientific and cultural interests in developing an ever richer ‘skein’ of relationships with an increasingly important trading partner.

Bio-Inspire will also manage an array of community initiatives, aimed at encouraging enterprise, endeavour, community cohesion, volunteering and training under the banner of “bio-aspiration”.   This is likely to embrace back to work  and confidence building initiatives,  volunteering and nature therapy,  and as well as more formal training and apprenticeship programmes.