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Project NOAH (‘New Outlook for Aquatic Habitats’) at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park


“Adapt or perish, now as ever, is nature’s inexorable imperative”   H. G. Wells

Project NOAH at Yorkshire Wildlife Park is being conceived in discussion with the Sheffield City Region LEP, Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council and regional Universities   to bring new prosperity to the Sheffield City Region. Project NOAH also offers benefits in education, for our HE partner, for scientific research, for the environment, for bio-diversity, for social cohesion/community wellbeing, for the zero carbon society and for international links with the UK’s trading partners.

Project NOAH will therefore be a new science, community and environment centre sponsored by the Yorkshire Wildlife Park (YWP) with a core theme of societies and ecosystems adapting to a more uncertain climate (and beyond that the need of any entity to adapt to any changing environment).  It will play to YWP existing strengths in combining a thrilling wildlife exhibit with an extreme weather immersive experience.

Building concept

A potential axis with the University of Sheffield will bring additional economic growth by driving student enrolment, underpinning the University REF assessment (so increasing core research investment into the region), and attracting high skilled, high earning academics and scientists. We are at an early stage of exploring Project NOAH and YWP actually offering new research potential for the University.

Project NOAH and its surrounds may be specifically themed to the wildlife heritage of India, as a rising economy, providing a virtual bridge in scientific, cultural and human terms to a vital future trading and research partner for the UK. This will underpin and assist in the growth of commercial, academic, political and social links between the University and the City region on the one hand, and India as a growth leading economy on the other.    Additionally presentation of the wildlife otherexhibits and  the overall experience will reference the place of the natural world in the rich heritage of residents of Yorkshire with cultural roots in the Indian sub-continent.


Project NOAH has been carefully conceptualised so as to maximise returns to the wider economic, social, educational and cultural architecture of the overall Sheffield City region, moving far beyond the conventions of a ‘mere zoo exhibit’.  Were YWP simply to alight on a project guaranteed to maximise ‘selfish’ returns as a business, some more traditional and obvious wildlife exhibit would be the result, rather than the sophisticated and multi-valued offer that is Project NOAH.